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Storja ta’ will distil the lives of senior ordinary persons to reflect on their lives, thoughts and aspirations, so they may guide upcoming generations in their lives and in finding their purpose.

Each episode will take the form of an in-depth interview with a person over the age of sixty. The interview will be informal, with the producer and the protagonist engaging in a conversation mostly while walking and visiting locations of significance in the protagonist’s life. For example, part of the interview will take place in the area where she used to play as a child, another location will be where she met the love of her life and so on. The interview will start with simple questions, just getting to know the person. The first questions will be on a superficial level, defining, in broad terms, the plot of the person’s life. As the interview progresses and the protagonist becomes more comfortable, the questions will probe deeper, exposing beliefs, fears and aspirations. The tone of the programme will be friendly, casual, however we will not shy away from asking difficult questions. The questions will ask the protagonist to reflect on her life, her choices and at times will reminisce on what could have been. We will ask about what the person believes is the purpose of their life, whether she found happiness, about her dreams and fears.

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